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Roadside Safety Products

Industry leading crash test performance and money-saving benefits begin with the unique design features of Zoneguard® Temporary Steel Barriers, Smart Cushion®, SmartPod® Impact Crash Attenuators, and ZoneBloc +® Temporary Concrete Barriers. These signature creations offer the road construction industry and roadway workers a revolutionary product that provides superior protection.

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Temporary Steel Barrier

Hill & Smith’s signature creation, Zoneguard®, offers the road construction industry a revolutionary temporary steel barrier solution that provides superior protection. A cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete barrier, Zoneguard’s lightweight configuration allows 750 LF to be hauled on one truck and up to 1,500 LF to be installed in one hour. Zoneguard’s light weight does not affect its performance, as it meets both NCHRP 350 (TL-3 & TL-4) and MASH (TL-3) crash test standards. Finally, a safe temporary barrier solution that doesn’t weigh down your bottom-line.


MASH Eligible
Install up to 1,500 LF Per Hour
750 LF Hauled Per Truck
15-20+ Life Expectancy
Proven Track Record (used on US Roads since 2008)


3,100 LB

Why Rent Steel?

Hill & Smith Inc. boasts the nations’ largest steel barrier rental fleet, and Zoneguard® has several unique design features:
Easily accessible internal lifting bar for quick rigging
50-foot standard units help accelerate installation and maximize trucking
Only 62 LB per linear foot (compared to 400-500 LB for concrete barrier)
Patented six-point “Speed Joint” technology for quick and strong connections
Low center of gravity and rigid cross-section produces industry-leading crash test performance
Anchor slot in foot is easily accessible for drilling
Design of base, or “foot”, employs weight of vehicle during impact
Hot-Dip galvanized coating protects against corrosion

Crash Testing

The Zoneguard® steel barrier system underwent six separate crash tests in 2007 and since then we have tested another configuration to meet MASH. Three anchoring configurations have been tested: Standard Deflection System (SDS), Minimum Deflection System (MDS), & Limited Deflection System (LDS). Both anchoring systems in the 2007 tests were tested to NCHRP-350 and MASH crash test criteria and the Limited Deflection System (LDS) was tested to MASH. Upon evaluation of the test results, the Federal Highway Administration accepted Zoneguard® for use on the National Highway System, in June 2008. Check out both of our NCHRP-350 and MASH acceptance letters from the Federal Highway Administration.


Installing Zoneguard®

Installing Zoneguard® can save your crews significant time, but like anything new, it’s important to be prepared. We make it our mission to ensure you have everything you need in order for you and your crews to safely and effectively install our barrier in whatever conditions the side of the road/highway may be. Step by step installation videos, pre-installation & installation checklists, and even an online Zoneguard training portal (with assessment). Check out our Installation Page to help you and your crews better understand Zoneguard® and how it’s installed.


Built in the USA

Zoneguard® steel barrier is cut, stamped, and welded right here in the United States. Made from American steel, Zoneguard® is fabricated and shaped in Canton, Ohio. It is then shipped to Columbus, Ohio to be galvanized and for final assembly. Upon completion, Zoneguard® is shipped to several depots across the country for distribution. Whether you are complying with bureaucratic requirements or choosing to support American-made products, rest assured that Zoneguard® steel barrier is built for America, in America!



With over 13 years of real world experience on US roadways, we are set up to guide you through every step along the way. We have a dedicated inside team ready to answer or facilitate anything that you may need during your installation of Zoneguard®. Not only do we have an inside team, but with a regional sales team spread throughout the entire country, we are just one call away from being able to show up on the job site and provide any guidance that you may need.

Technical Documents

Have technical questions? Below are some documents and drawings that should help, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.