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Why Rent Steel Barriers?

Why Rent Steel Barriers?

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As we close out and reflect on 2021, we have a much firmer appreciation for our employees’ health, a cohesive and open community, and our distributors’ support. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, manufacturers and suppliers have been faced with shortages, price increases, and prolonged lead times. Specifically in the highway safety industry, these challenges have added yet another facet to preparing and executing road and highway work in a safe, efficient, and timely manner. From design and pre-bid, to scheduling and supplying the materials and labor, there is a lot of coordinating, planning, and moving parts involved with all projects. At Hill & Smith Inc., we recognize just that.

We have been manufacturing, distributing, and renting our Zoneguard® Temporary Steel Barriers since 2008. With that amount of experience under our belts, we understand what it takes and how to successfully see a project through to completion. We apply that level of understanding as we strive to take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to providing barrier for your upcoming roadway projects.

Looking forward, we have increased our Zoneguard® steel barrier rental operation. With inventory availability across the nation, we supply jobsite transportation logistics and unmatched rental rates quotes for all your upcoming projects without the commitment of purchasing and storing barrier long-term. With our ability to fully maximize a truckload (750 LF), we can tackle your next job with less trucks to save you money. We’ll also give you the power to lay 50 LF at a time, so you’ll get your barrier set quicker than ever to minimize roadside workers risks within a work zone.

Get in contact with a Hill & Smith Inc. representative today to discuss a rental quote for your next Zoneguard® steel barrier job.