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Two Traffic Detection Solutions in a Smart Work Zone

Two Traffic Detection Solutions in a Smart Work Zone

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There are a variety of road construction challenges that a Smart Work Zone can solve. From real time travel information to dynamic lane merge options, the solutions will help keep motorists informed of delays and alternate routes in real time, but they also help reduce roadway congestion to increase safety for motorists and roadside workers. And because it’s a “Smart” Work Zone, all solutions will provide remote access to every device, putting the safety of roadside workers first.

Let’s focus on traffic detection solutions. How do you know which option will be the most beneficial for you? Accurate, up to date traffic data is imperative to effectively manage your work zone. Having the proper detection equipment integrated into your area will provide just that. There are two products that Hill & Smith Inc. offers with similar but unique functions: Queue Detection Trailer and HS Connected Radar Trailer. These two products provide a variety of real time data information, such as speed, volume, and occupancy for 1 – 22 lanes of traffic. Allow us to compare these two traffic detection solutions:

The Queue Detection Trailer provides a versatile and portable platform to detect speed, volume, and occupancy for up to 22 lanes of traffic. As the exclusive distributor of Wavetronix’s industry-leading detection devices within Smart Work Zones, their SmartSensor HD is built into every Queue Detection Trailer and collects all the essential data that you need, such as average speed, volume, occupancy, and classification and relays the data to HS ConnectTM software for remote access. This gives the ability to target both sides of the highway with a single sensor. When multi-lane travel detection is imperative within a work zone, the Queue Detection Trailer is the perfect solution.

The HS Connected Radar Trailer is a portable data detection system capable of collecting real time traffic information and relaying speed, volume, and occupancy data at a range of 1,000′ or at least one lane of traffic. Similar to the Queue Detection Trailer, the K-band radar samples the data for one minute and stores the data while the HS ConnectTM software receives the data from the radar. The radar views one direction of travel and captures the up to 10 vehicles simultaneously while collecting the data from the vehicle with the strongest signal, typically the fastest moving vehicle. When large area multi-lane detection isn’t required, this radar is the perfect alternative to our Queue Detection Trailer.

There are no right or wrong traffic detection solutions, only the ones that work best within the scope of your project. With every road construction project comes unique challenges. Contact us today to learn how we can turn your next work zone project into a Smart Work Zone solution.