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SmartPOD Cartridge Attenuator Debuts at 2023 ATSSA

SmartPOD Cartridge Attenuator Debuts at 2023 ATSSA

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The 2023 ATSSA Traffic Expo & Convention in Phoenix, AZ kicked off with the debut of our newest product, SmartPOD. SmartPOD is Hill & Smith’s first cartridge based attenuator and becomes a compliment to the worldly successful Smart Cushion. 

The SMARTPOD® impact attenuator is non-sacrificial, fully redirective, non-gating, bi-directional and tested to AASHTO MASH-16 for Test Level 3. This crash cushion is used to help protect motorists from hazards in both permanent and temporary work zone locations. It can transition to wide hazards and attach 1 to most types of median and roadside barriers.

The SMARTPOD® attenuator is slightly tapered from front to rear. This allows the side panel sections to nest over the next section which minimizes stress and damage. During a head-on impact, the panels are designed to move freely past each other and do not become wedged when the system is compressed.


Easy to Install / Easy to Repair

The SMARTPOD is delivered fully assembled on a skid frame for quick and easy installation. The system can easily be installed on a variety of concrete and asphalt foundations. System repair after impact can be achieved by simply pulling the front of the system to full length and inserting new PODS.

Travel Safe. Work Protected.