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Hill & Smith’s Top 3 Smart Work Zone Partners

Hill & Smith’s Top 3 Smart Work Zone Partners

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Thanksgiving may have come and gone but that doesn’t make us any less thankful for our outstanding Smart Work Zone partners. We are proud to collaborate with innovative companies that create the latest technology seamlessly integrated with our Smart Work Zone portfolio. With their unwavering support, we strive to keep motorists and roadside workers safer with every Smart Work Zone product that is deployed on the road. Below is our top 3 Smart Work Zone Partners, and how we incorporate their products with ours.


Wavetronix is our exclusive provider for detection data in Smart Work Zones. When attached to our Queue Trailer, their SmartSensor HD collects all the essential data that you need, such as average speed, volume, occupancy, and classification. What makes it so exceptional is its 250-foot range collecting data on up to 22 lanes of multi-directional traffic with only one sensor required. Providing the highest quality sensor ensures that real-time messaging up stream is going to be as accurate as possible. The final product is a much safer environment for all incoming motorists.


Our data partnership with Inrix provides exclusive vehicle probe data in Smart Work Zones. This probe data is a compilation of multiple sources with no equipment required, such as cell phone data, fleet management data, and OEM vehicle data. Our HS Connect web-based platform ingests all INRIX data in the main project area as well as the external roads that are impacted by the project. This empowers the system to provide alternate route options that otherwise would not be available. This is accomplished without equipment placement and impacting the overall work zone environment. This value added feature creates an incredibly more efficient, alternate route solution.


Our newest partner, HAAS Alert, provides roadway workers and motorists with advanced safety and protection by delivering real-time notifications. Our exclusive distribution of HAAS Alert’s HA-5 Transponder easily integrates into our Smart Work Zone devices, such as our Vehicle-Mounted Message Boards and Smart ArrowMaster™ Pro-Line Arrow Boards, to send Work Zone safety alerts to approaching motorists through Waze and in-vehicle navigation systems. These Safety Cloud® alerts provide approaching drivers a 15-20 second warning to safely Slow Down. This creates a much safer environment for both the motorists and roadside workers.


These three companies are leading innovators of ITS technology, and we are honored to incorporate their products into ours. As we work towards building safer roads for all motorists and roadside workers, we will continue to look towards the future and collaborate with pioneers in the industry.