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Innovation, Integration, and Intelligence: Hill & Smith Focuses on Connected Work Zones

Innovation, Integration, and Intelligence: Hill & Smith Focuses on Connected Work Zones

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The risk is real … and the need is drastic. In 2021, one-hundred and six thousand work zone crashes resulted in forty-two thousand injuries, according to NHTSA. People pay the price, as over one hundred workers were fatally injured at road construction sites (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2011-20).

Hill & Smith exists to provide the highest level of work zone safety that the current technology will allow. This is accomplished by having a vast product line utilizing the most advanced technologies available on the market today, as well as constantly taking that lead position with first-in opportunities. Hill & Smith has more first-in opportunities than any other company in the industry. Always refining our current product line, always looking, and testing new technology, and always being at the forefront of the software & crowdsourced data, are just a few of the ways that Hill & Smith stays focused on the principles of Innovation, Integration, and Intelligence. Just as your workers need to communicate clearly and accurately with one another, a system of connected devices must communicate effectively with the cloud and thus provide a real-time, and seamless ecosystem. The result is in our tagline, we travel safe when we work connected.

In the past, Hill & Smith has operated under multiple separate brands, until it became obvious that it was more appropriate to integrate under one brand — the trusted name of Hill & Smith — to reflect how our products and services are integrated and connected.

We’ve recently introduced our new brand position of Integration + Intelligence to represent our vast selection of intelligent, connected roadside safety products under one cohesive system, The Connected Work Zone powered by HS Connect.

And it makes sense to rely on Hill & Smith and the HS Connect platform as it leads the industry with the perfect combination of products, service, integration, and innovative intelligence that provides an incredible ecosystem, and single source software platform that can communicate with all work zone devices (complete product connectivity).

Connected Work Zones integrate Hill & Smith’s reliable and user-friendly software to establish a system in which all products become one. The HS Connect Ecosystem offers remote data on traffic conditions, impact notifications, information on delays and detours, and more — all in real time. Most importantly, what was once a collection of separate products is actively transformed into one singular safety net focused on the ultimate goal, protecting motorists and road workers alike.

Simply put, the Hill & Smith family is laser focused on providing the safest work zone experience for you and your family through the use of our Connected Ecosystem of products.

Travel Safe. Work Connected.