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4 Reasons to try SensorZone

4 Reasons to try SensorZone

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One of the newest products at Hill & Smith Inc. is a proximity warning system called SensorZone. This modular, easy fit system creates an exclusion zone around designated machinery and equipment with a proven track record for improving safety inside the workplace in a wide variety of industries. The 360-degree, configurable coverage for different machines and applications ensures consistent incident prevention across sites. Whilst the technology deployed is sophisticated, the simple installation and training are straightforward to help reduce implementation downtime. In the event of a person entering this zone, a unique, triple alert is activated and is ideal to support existing working practices or site behaviors. While there are many reasons to try SensorZone, here are the 4 main reasons to implement this proximity warning system within your work zone.

1) Visual: Operating Machines are fitted with an antenna to create a safety zone or bubble around the machine. When someone or something enters into the safety area, a combination of flashing external beacons and internal LEDs are visible to notify those around of the danger.



2) Audible: In combination with the visual alerts, an external audible alert on the machine, tag, and internal machine will sound an alarm to warn everyone within the designated area.




3) Vibration: All personnel are issued with a tag that can be worn on a hat, lanyard, or clipped to clothing. If a tag breaches the machine’s safety zone, the person wearing the tag and the machine operator are alerted. With an average battery life of 3 years, the anti-tamper tag does not need recharging.



4) Behavioral: SensorZone keeps a cloud-based data log and analysis of all actions and incidents. This supports the proactive management of site safety and helps to identify where additional training may be required and improve learner engagement.