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Roadside Safety Products

Industry leading crash test performance and money-saving benefits begin with the unique design features of Zoneguard® Temporary Steel Barriers, Smart Cushion® Impact Crash Attenuators, and ZoneBloc® Temporary Concrete Barriers. These signature creations offer the road construction industry and roadway workers a revolutionary product that provides superior protection.

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Freestanding Temporary Concrete Barrier

ZoneBloc® is a revolutionary temporary concrete barrier system, designed to minimize impact to the traveling public while offering a supreme level of protection in freestanding applications. When tested to MASH TL-3, ZoneBloc® deflected only 44″ and a working width of 63″.

With a base width of only 12″, the compact design is effective on projects where space is restricted. Its 40 ft. standard unit is optimal for deployment and accelerates the installation process, when compared to traditional concrete barriers.

The narrow footprint results in a lightweight configuration, which allows 280 feet to be hauled on one flatbed truck.

The unique coupling system guarantees a safe and quick installation and large contact areas with integrated rubber pads result in a low surface pressure and protect the road surface.


Compact lightweight design (system width 12”) with integrated coupling (no loose parts) allows for 280′ to be hauled on one truck
High installation speed: easy and quick installation, relocation, and removal
Rubber pads in contact areas for protection of road surface
Narrow footprint and low deflection distance of only 44” results in compact working width of 63”
MASH Eligible


6,614 LB

Unique Features

Containment Level: MASH TL-3
Dynamic Deflection: 44.4″ (1.1m)
Working Width: 63.0″ (1.6m)
Installation: Freestanding of asphalt/concrete
Terminal Unit: Required; ZoneBloc® (4 X M20 adhesive anchor)
Units/track (24t): 8 units
Minimum installation length: 302 ft. (including terminal units)
Curve radius: r ≥ 853ft.
Concrete quality: C35/45. exposure class according to national requirements
Coupling/exposed steel parts: Fully integrated, exposed parts hot-dip galvanized

Technical Documents

Have technical questions? Below is a document that should help, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.