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SensorZone Proximity Warning

Work Zone Safety Products

For decades, our primary goal has been to develop products that make work zones safer. The Hill & Smith lines of traffic control products variable message signs and arrow boards have long provided contractors, transportation agencies, and others with reliable and life-saving devices. More than ever, we are committed to the innovation and development of 21st century technologies that meet our customers’ needs and make work zones safe.


Proximity Warning System

SensorZone is a robust, high-quality Proximity Warning System with a proven track record for improving safety in the workplace. This modular, easy fit system creates an exclusion zone around machinery and equipment and in the event of a person entering this zone a unique, triple alert is activated. Safety must be a priority on site. Firstly, to protect lives and equipment and secondly to avoid expensive down time caused by dealing with accidents and the aftermath.


In the event of an incursion into the safety zone, both the operator and person at risk gets an alert.
360-degree, configurable coverage for different machines and applications ensures consistent incident prevention across sites.
Anti-tamper tag does not need recharging, with an average battery life of 3-years.
Simple installation reduces downtime.
Reduction in nuisance alarms, that lead to operator fatigue, is easily achieved using Area Shield to ring fence offices or site cabins.

Unique Triple Threat


A combination of external beacons and internal LEDs.


External sound alert on the machine, tag and internal machine alarm.


From the tag.

How It Works

Whilst the technology deployed is sophisticated, installation and training are straightforward. Machines operating are fitted with an antenna, this creates a safety zone or bubble around the machine. All personnel are issued with a tag that can be worn on a hat, lanyard or clipped to clothing. If a tag breaches the machine’s safety zone, the person wearing the tag and the machine operator are alerted.

• Use Smart Bubble to automate authorized approaches to a machine. This technology monitors a machine to determine if it is static and safe for approach. The system reduces the exclusion zone allowing tag wearers to work around the machine without alarms going off.
• SensorZone can be used to support existing working practices or site behaviors.
• Data logging of all actions and incidents which are recorded, supporting the proactive management of site safety and identification of relevant training requirements, improving learner engagement.

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Have technical questions? Below is a document that should help, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.