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Queue Detection Trailer

ITS Smart Work Zone Products

Our portfolio of ITS Smart Work Zone solutions enhances transportation, improves safety, and increases mobility in and around work zones. Our robust communications-based product monitoring HS Connect® software seamlessly links our innovative, technological products to offer contractors and transportation agencies a comprehensive smart work zone package to keep roadside workers and the traveling public safe remotely.

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Queue Detection Trailer

Accurate, up to date traffic data is imperative to effectively manage your work zone. Having the proper detection equipment integrated into your area, such as the Queue Detection Trailer, will provide just that. The Queue Detection Trailer is a portable trailer that provides a versatile and lightweight platform with a small footprint to collect a variety of real time data information, such as speed, volume, and occupancy for up to 22 lanes of traffic. Within Smart Work Zones, Hill & Smith Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Wavetronix’s industry-leading detection devices. When attached to the Queue Detection Trailer, the SmartSensor HD collects all the essential data that you need, such as average speed, volume, occupancy, and classification. Providing the highest quality sensor ensures that real time data is going to be as accurate as possible. The final product is a much safer environment for all incoming motorists.


Industrial-grade trailer to give years of dependable service
Report speed, volume, density, and classification per lane for all traffic
Accurately detects lane changing vehicles
Battery bank sized for 30-day autonomy
Detects up to 22 lanes of multi-lane traffic or 250′




Width – 69″
Length w/o removable tongue – 43″
Length with removable tongue – 96″
Height including solar panel – 90″
Adjustable solar array 0˚- 60˚ and rotate 360˚
Four laterally extendable outriggers
Standard 2″ ball coupler or pintle hitch options
17′ And 25′ mast height options
2000 LB axle and 500 LB leaf spring rating
14.5″ Wheel with 5 lug pattern
Three concentric section of square steel mast
One 230 watt solar panel
Four 6VDC batteries (AGM options available)
One 23.5″ x 15.5″ x 16″ 14 gauge steel, lockable battery enclosure
Available as a portable unit or permanent mount
Available with or without Wavetronix HD sensor
Optional digital cellular communications


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