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HS Connect® Radar Trailer

ITS Smart Work Zone Products

Our portfolio of ITS Smart Work Zone solutions enhances transportation, improves safety, and increases mobility in and around work zones. Our robust communications-based product monitoring HS Connect® software seamlessly links our innovative, technological products to offer contractors and transportation agencies a comprehensive smart work zone package to keep roadside workers and the traveling public safe remotely.

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HS Connected Radar Trailer

The HS Connected Radar Trailer is a portable speed detection system capable of collecting real time traffic speed information and relaying it with Intelligent Transportation Systems. The Connected Radar Trailer’s versatile and affordable design captures and shares current travel data in work zones. It can be used in conjunction with other Smart Work Zone devices.


Detects up to 22 lanes of multi-direction traffic or 250′
Nonintrusive collection of real time traffic speed information
Self-contained on-board central processing unit
Battery powered and autonomously charged by an onboard solar charge system
1,000’ distance sensor range and 5mph – 200mph speed sensor range



Setup and Configurations

Mast can be rotated 360° and radar head elevation angle is adjustable for optimal radar sensor alignment. Small footprint trailer allows for nonintrusive deployment throughout work zones.
Integrated, weatherproof QWERTY keyboard enables quick selection of operating mode and radar settings
Backlit, transflective LCD display indicates status of current solar charging system values, operating mode, and error conditions
Battery bank sized for 30-day autonomy
Easy-to-view system configuration information, system diagnostic information, and select radar operating parameters
Designed to be standalone system
The solar charging system prolongs the life of the batteries by continuously adjusting the rate at which current is applied depending on their state of charge

Trailer Specifications

77” height
68” width
110” length with tongue
57.5” length without tongue


The radar samples the data for one minute and stores the data while the software receives the data from the radar. The radar views one direction of travel and captures the vehicle with the strongest signal, typically the fastest moving vehicle. With the radar head set up facing downstream traffic, it returns the speed and volume of what has been captured.


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