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Egress Warning System

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Our portfolio of ITS Smart Work Zone solutions enhances transportation, improves safety, and increases mobility in and around work zones. Our robust communications-based product monitoring HS Connect® software seamlessly links our innovative, technological products to offer contractors and transportation agencies a comprehensive smart work zone package to keep roadside workers and the traveling public safe remotely.

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Egress Warning System

Having a comprehensive Egress System within your work zone efficiently manages incoming traffic. When positioned correctly in advance of a lane change, the Egress System will notify motorists in advance, calm traffic, and prevent collisions within your work zone. An effective system incorporates a Queue Detection Trailer with a Message Board and/or Static Sign Warning Trailer, as well as remotely using HS Connect® Software to monitor and make continual changes to your equipment in real time. The final product is a much safer environment for all incoming motorists and roadside workers.


Different configurations available using Message Board and/or Static Sign to display Egress message
Static Sign Trailer capable of mounting a 48” x 48” Sign five feet above the roadway
The Static Sign Trailer’s Yellow LED Warning Beacons alert traveling public when Construction Vehicles are entering the flow of Traffic
The Static Sign Trailer’s Beacons are equipped with an automatic dimming device that adjusts brightness to varying light conditions
Equipped with a jack and stabilizer legs that provide leveling and stability


1,920 LB

Static Sign Warning Trailer Specifications

Shipping Weight – 920 to 980
Tongue Weight – 35 to 45 LB
Raised Height – 142″ (3.6m)
Travel Height – 88″ (2.4m)
Travel Width – 68″ (1.73m)
Length with tongue – 98″ (2.9m)
Non-Intrusive Traffic Sensor capable of Auto-Configuration
Capable of detecting individual vehicles in designated areas
All weather design allows for accurate detection in any climate
Programmable duration of flashing beacons
Software capable of GPS, Solar and Battery Voltage monitoring, alarms for battery threshold and/or communication issues
Data management that includes solar and battery voltage history and GPS device locations
>30 day autonomy

Queue Trailer Specifications

Shipping Weight – 920 to 980 LB
Tongue Weight – 35 to 45 LB
Raised Height – 199″ (3.6m)
Travel Height – 88″ (2.4m)
Travel Width – 68″ (1.73m)
Length with tongue – 98″ (2.9m)

SMC 1000 ST Message Board Specifications

Raised height – 158″ (4.01 m)
Travel height – 103″ (2.61 m)
Width – 96″ (2.43 m)
Length with tongue – 168″ (4.26 m)
Length w/o tongue – 130″ (3.3 m)
Weight – 1920 lbs. (870.89 Kg)
Energy Source – (6) 6-volt Deep Cycle batteries
Generator – solar panel array
Operating Temperature Range – -20 to +120 degrees F (-29 to +49 degrees C)
Lift Mechanism – Leak resistant electro-hydraulic
Main Frame – 2″ x 4″ x .120″ high grade steel


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