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Jersey Concrete Barrier versus ZoneBloc® Concrete Barrier

Jersey Concrete Barrier versus ZoneBloc® Concrete Barrier

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ZoneBloc® is a revolutionary temporary freestanding concrete barrier system. Designed to minimize impact to the traveling public while offering a supreme level of protection, ZoneBloc® offers a compact design, a unique coupling system for a safe and quick installation, and a large contact area with integrated rubber pads to result in a low surface pressure and protect the road surface. With a base width of only 12″, the narrow footprint results in a lightweight configuration, which allows 280’ to be hauled on one flatbed truck. Its 40’ standard unit is optimal for deployment and accelerates the installation process, when compared to traditional concrete barriers.

Let’s compare one piece of ZoneBloc® to a standard Jersey Concrete Barrier:

Barrier Dimensions
ZoneBloc: 40’ length, 32” height, 12” base width
Jersey Barrier: 12’ length x 32” height x 24” base width

Weight / Truck Load
1-40’ ZoneBloc = 6,614LB (165LB per linear foot) or 280 linear feet per truck load
1-12’ Jersey Barrier = 5,325LB (444LB per linear foot) or 90 linear feet per truck load

Durability / Life Expectancy
ZoneBloc: 5-10 years life span
Jersey Barrier: 3-5 years life span

Jersey Concrete Barriers (JCB) come in various lengths from 8’ – 30’. For this comparison, we’re comparing the popular 12’ length JCB option to one 40’ ZoneBloc®. While the heights are identical, the other major difference besides length is width. A standard jersey barrier base width is 24” compared to the 12” narrow base on ZoneBloc. With such a narrow footprint, ZoneBloc’s compact design is ideal on projects with limited space.

While ZoneBloc® certainly weighs more than a standard 12’ concrete barrier, it’s also longer making the amount of linear feet per truck load higher. Fewer truck loads equal faster project installation time and therefore safer for roadway workers.

Temporary roadway barriers systems are just one piece of a successful roadway project. Whether you choose Jersey concrete barriers or ZoneBloc® (or even steel barriers!), that decision is entirely up to you and the needs of your specific project. We hope these comparisons will help aid your decision.